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Listening to Radio on the web October 6, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag, Trends.
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If you haven’t done so already, add this to your multi-task list. Listening to radio online has never been easier. Chances are that one or more of the stations you listen to has a web site. Instead of using discrete components,  you can access  radio favorites on your PC, laptop or smart phone. Using a browser of choice, you can dial in to current radio favorites and also learn about new sources for your listening pleasure. Each has their own relative pros and cons and all are currently free for basic service. Several offer paid subscriptions that offer advanced features. There is a cornucopia of content with talk radio, sports, music, news and more choices in the long tail. Give one or more of these stations a listen. Where required, creating accounts is quick and simple. Several provide ways to share songs or playlists with Facebook or Twitter and other sites. I regularly  listen to online radio stations from multiple sources. Here is a partial list.

One station that was an early favorite is  WBER. They were one of the first stations to stream their content and today enjoy a world wide audience. Back in the day, I would listen using a dial-up modem (!) connection. They are affiliated with our state education system and provide internship opportunities for high school students. The music genre is Alternative. It is worth noting that their playlists routinely influence program directors on competing stations as they are regular listeners.
WBER online

I also want to plug NPR. While I am not as active a listener as I have been in the past, NPR has lots of great shows. If are a fan, great. If not, I encourage you to give them a listen.

NPR content online

Geographic limitations with broadcast listening are eliminated using internet radio. A great by product of our flat world. If you have moved, chances are you can find a one time local station online and tune in once again. Commercial stations include ad spots, of course. Recently, I have noticed Slacker inserting ads more frequently than in the past. Note the domain name with blip is not the usual .com. It is blip.fm.
create playlists, listen to the radio

Be your own DJ on Blip.fm

Listen to your favorites and songs from other DJs

Create your own station
streaming from the music genome project

music genome project

Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN

So many stations, so little time. Let me know your favorite. Until then, as Charles Osgood says, “I’ll see you on the radio”.

Social Media use in B2B – Case Study & Results August 31, 2009

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Found this from a post on a LinkedIn group I subscribe to. Interesting account on how Twitter and other SM tools were used for a  recent B2B initiative. Includes Lessons Learned that are worth reading. Here’s the link.

Take aways include :

  1. There is a learning curve – don’t underestimate
  2. Training for new skills -have them before you need them
  3. Not as bad as it seems – the worst did not happen
  4. Catch up to competition – SM provided increased visibility with others and crowded the landscape a little more
  5. Blurred lines – between internal groups on who does what.
  6. Manage from the middle – very interesting concept similar to having decision made by those closest to the work. Trust your staff has the right skills and experience. Don’t wordsmith – not a good use of your time!

It’s great that the lessons learned are added here. Will B2B have increased use of SM? How does that change current SM practices?