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Ramblings on Super Bowl Ads – My top 5 February 7, 2012

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag, Trends.
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The Super Bowl game was enjoyable for many reasons. As a admitted Giants fan, one of the best reasons was that my team won. Another reason is the commercials are something to look forward to. It is well known that the Super Bowl has a lot of viewers (100M+ for this year). To take advantage of this large captive audience, advertisers step up their game and showcase some of their best, riskiest and most creative commercials.

Here are my top 5 shown during the game :

Acura NSX Transactions with Jerry Seinfeld. What lengths some people go to for a car and to have the first one.

Doritos Sling Baby – Shows that good guys win and easily overcome a bully. Score one for baby and GrandMa.

Chevy Silverado 2012 – So this truck can survive anything, and apparently, so can Twinkies. What also surprised me was the direct mention (as a dis) of a major domestic competitor.

Cars.com and the ‘neck’ – Get those keys and Go! Now that’s funny. Some much for being cool and rational when buying a car. I laughed the most at this one. We all have had that irrational, go-for-it inner voice at some point.
M&M ‘Just My Shell’ – Oh, that kind of party. Once again shows what happens when you assume.

Advertising Age has captured all the ads via this link. You can watch my favorites and yours after the jump.