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Rambling on reaching 4 year blog milestone March 16, 2013

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag, Social Media, Trends.
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Coming up this month is a personal milestone for my blog. The milestone is my blog birthday. It has been four years since my initial rambling. Or, what that a rumination? Either way, like most new bloggers, I posted frequently in the beginning. Now I have settled into a consistent rhythm and learned a lot about myself, blogging and visitor feedback.

Happy Birthday

As is typical with this type of milestone, I am a little reflective. I am grateful and very appreciative that WordPress provides this platform. Also, I must give a shout out to my regular followers. Thank You all for subscribing. Reading a few of the early posts, it all seems so simple now. I have enjoyed blogging about a lot of different topics. I will ruminate on those topics again and keep an eye for new topics to ramble about.

In terms of traffic, 2012 has been my best year. In fact, for a while last year, I was getting a boatload of traffic. Much more than ever before. That soon ended about mid-summer and my traffic metrics have returned to the mean, so to speak. From all the posts, I hope to have communicated some insights and learnings that resonate. You can browse the archive as it is listed in the lower right.

Topics of interest that I expect to ruminate further on  include big data and cloud computing. New topics will be found to ramble on about naturellement. I look forward to learning and posting about them in due course. Until then, I will celebrate the milestone.

Thanks for visiting and leave a comment or two.


Addendum – Quick update that after I wrote this post, WordPress sent ….



that makes it official. 😉

Revelations on the web- did I really say that? June 25, 2009

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Everything done on the web is a revelation. All the sites we visit and what we do there, reveals something. Sometimes we do it willingly, sometimes not. Even when we are part of the anonymous rabble and rolled into a trend aggregate, we still reveal something demographically. 

The web today requires that we do this. Social Media interactions is all about providing data about you. Getting engaged and involved within the viral community means sharing, communicating various bits and pieces about you. 

Email was an early way to reveal stuff on-line. You added  things at the end of your note beyond the basic contact information. For a long time, my email signature included a witty quote, a surprise bon mot, for the reader.  I have used different sayings on multiple sites and systems.  It is just one way to convey who I am. Get the recipient to pause for a second and reflect on the philosophical gems embedded in those few short words. It provides a way to project, or insert, a part of my personality.  Quotes I have used in the past include :

  1. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
  2. Change is inevitable; *growth* is optional.
  3. Never mistake motion for action. (my current phrase and longtime favorite)

Each one a priceless pearl and an attempt  to reveal something of import in a brief verse. Kind like a early, yet, static tweet.

Adding a thoughtful message goes beyond email. It extends to Social Media also. Your digital profile on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn may be the same. Or, it may be intentionally different. You can choose a multi-faceted presence and each one reveals something about you.

Our persona can vary based on who we interact with and what we want to reveal about ourselves.What does your email signature say? Do you use humor or present a strictly professional message? Do you reference something from your past with family and friends? 

For myself, the biggest revelation is to be consistent both on-line and in the real world. Are you surprised or did you know that already?