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Using YouTube for SEO research October 8, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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Interesting take on using a well known resource in ways you may not think of. Turns out that YouTube can be a great source for SEO keyword research. With so much information posted to YouTube every day, it actually makes sense to use as a keyword rich resource. Here is article that walks through the process. Note that it was posted on SEOMoz by a member, not one of the staff.

Clearly thinking outside the box here to use a great resource in another way.  I like the way the research can also be used to define the site hieararchy. Here is a tangible benefit of the research so clients can understand the benefit or keyword research.

Also, it’s fun to say to your boss “I’m doing research while watching YouTube”.

Additional Social Media Charts October 1, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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While writing my last post on changes in social behavior, I found these other charts on social media and I wanted to share them.

Adoption Curve for Social Media

Phases of Social Media adoption

This chart shows a phased transition in social media behavior. The mindshift milestones are accurate  as a key enabler for the next phase. For me, overall these phases are related to the Forrester behavior ladder with level of engagement I mentioned in my previous post.


Adoption Curve Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Adoption Curve

I like this 2nd chart for what is says looking forward but I don’t agree with the most recent past. I don’t think we failed as much as is shown; likewise for disappointment. I agree that there is a proportional relationship in perceived value with level of engagement. We are very competent right now and always are smarter in the future. 😉

I hope you find this useful and they provide you with some insights as we continue on this social journey.

Changes in Social Behaviors September 30, 2010

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Watching the evolution of behaviors in social media is always interesting and provides valuable insights.  Back in 2007, when social media really started to take off, I came across this chart from Forrester that describes the various behavior segments. Visually, it provides a quick self-identification of where you are on the behavior ladder in terms of involvement with social media.   The segments remain viable and Forrester recently indicated our behavior segments are changing with a rise in joiners along with a plateau in creators. Joiners will continue to look for ways to share and keep up with peers. Expect tools to make this easier still and marketing efforts should continue to focus on social networking next year and beyond. We have several data points now with these segments and Forrester will continue to monitor and update us on the behaviors going forward. If you have access to their latest chart, please post.

Social Media behavior segments

Social Behavior ladder

My behavior has changed and continues to evolve. I find it varies based on what topic is top of mind at any point in time. In the end, we are all consumers. What part of the ladder are you on and how has your behavior changed? Will you consume more and create less?

Oct. 1 – Some follow up thoughts on this post :

1) I added some additional charts available here on behaviors. Hope you enjoy them.

2) I looked back at the original article from Forrester in 2007 and noticed it was written by Charlene Li – no wonder I liked the article.

3) Links to both the original article and the related update on current behavior.