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WSJ Review of Windows Phone 7 October 21, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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Microsoft is back in the game with the release of Windows Phone 7 according to Walt Mossberg from the Wall Street Journal. But, there are some flaws and this release is not enough to be competitive. Watch the video via the embed below or the short link.

Briefly, Walt’s overview covers the unique interface along with highlights of pros and cons.

Pros include :

  1. Unique Interface  with tiles of apps, functions and hubs along with links to long documents
  2. Mobile MS-Office interface provide access to some formats (not all)
  3. Xbox Live Hub access is great for gamers

Cons include :

  1. Cannot multi-task
  2. Does not include a ‘Copy & Paste’ capability
  3. No Visual Voice Mail
  4. Does not include Video Calling

Bottom line – MS is back in the game with this release but not quite on the same level as competition in the super smart phone category.

As he mentions, Walt’s complete review is on the AllThingsDigital site.

Video embedd