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7 Deadly Sins for Landing Pages May 12, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.

While doing research for a potential client recently, I came across a webinar on landing pages. Initially, I expected this topic is a slice of a piece in the long tail. Turns out that, actually, there is quite a bit of information published on landing page optimization. It even has its’ own acronym – LPO. Makes it legit for me. Tim Ash enumerates on the 7 sins and how to avoid them; he also has a book on the subject.

Here’s a synopsis from my notes on

7 Deadly sins and ways to avoid them

1) Unclear call to action (CTA) – make it simple, keep it above the fold.

2) Too many choices – group choices, use visual shortcuts

3 Too much information (TMI) on forms – simplify, only ask what is needed

4) Too much text – think inverted pyramid, make heading & headline clear

5) Not keeping promise – connect with ad content, match with visitor intent, repeat ad words, use clear information

6) Remove visual distractions – make it boring; use only relevant images

7) lack of credibility/trust – make trust marks visible and prominent, answer ‘why should I buy?’, use client badges, logos

Note the running time for the webinar.

While this is not a definitive list, it is a useful reminder on what to avoid when developing integrated campaigns across multiple platforms. Consistency is key and content is king.