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February 20, 2012

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends, User Experience.
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Short piece on how the mobile User Experience (UX) is improving. I expect a ripple effect seen also on web sites and also software apps. Here is a iteration data point in interface design. Note the mention of the both Agile and Lean UX. Short, quick cycles to release incremental improvements in a clean, straight forward interface.


With its new iOS app, Clear, Realmac Software has taken the “less is more” axiom to its ultimate conclusion. The Clear app puts a new spin on the common to-do list by enriching it with a playful perception of depth, dynamic transitions and crisp audio feedback, all wrapped under a minimalistic visual language and shallow navigation.

Is this “less is more” approach revolutionary? Nope. Evolutionary? Absolutely.

As designers, we admire Clear’s UI, and we think it ties into some trends we’re watching here at Fjord (a digital service design agency). We’re betting that we will see more of this stripped down approach in the near future thanks to three big industry trends:

1.   A “mobile first” approach to features

The small-screen real estate of mobile devices has forced companies to scale down the bells and whistles and extraneous content afforded by the web, prioritizing features and services that make the most impact for…

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