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Ramblings on Car Sales Infographic January 21, 2013

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Just a few quick ramblings of 2011 car sales via an  infographic. Somewhat dated, I know but some insights worth noting. As the world population shifts from the old world, the new world and into the 3rd world, we now start to see the effect of a new ‘cluster’ known as BRIC.

That is the short version for the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. These ’emerging markets’ to many companies are an opportunity for growth in terms of sales, market share and of course, profitability. I’ve also seen references to the  growing middle class in both India and China. The economic impact of these world markets is already felt in banking, oil and manufacturing industries. Welcome to the global economy.

2011 Car Sales Statistics via Olathe Toyota Parts Center

If you are a global company, ignoring these markets can be a fatal mistake. As shown, GM is a big company. They are very aware of these markets as are the other well know auto manufacturers.

Any surprises with the  Top 5? I expect that most have an impression of who these manufacturers are in each region. So there is much press about China as a car market. Not so much with India but in 2011, it was in the top 10 in sales.

Does this changes your perception of BRIC? I will check for an update on 2012 sales. Updates may follow.

My Infographics Stack is featured on delicious.com April 9, 2012

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I have been using this site for several years now as an easy way to save web site URLs. By saving those links on delicious.com, I could easily access them  from anywhere, on any device. Ah, the benefit of using the cloud. In addition to saving URLs, delicious provides a way to organize them into  stacks.

I’ve been collecting infographics for a while and organized them in a stack. Similar to any URL saved to delicious, stacks can be marked private or public. The full list of public URLs I have is available via the  link titled ‘My  links on delicious‘ at the top of the blog.

Last week, I ‘published’ that stack by making it public. Soon after that, I received an email from delicious. They found my stack,  said it was deemed interesting by the staff and would be featured on their home page. Naturally, I shared this information with my Twitter peeps, LinkedIn network and Facebook friends. Since the weekend, there are over 640 views and 80 followers and counting. I am very happy delicious selected my stack and appreciate their attention. My family is so proud of me.

Here is the short URL to my stack. After the jump, you will see this page :

As stated, I have multiple topics listed here. I like the ability of infographics to provide a lot of information concisely and cleanly in a visual format. In short, they are ‘a better mousetrap’ to use in visual communications. Also, I think they are much more preferable to ‘death by Power Point slides’.  Disclaimer – I have yet to create my own infographic. I have mentioned in the past infographics are great for a 1 page representation on a given topic. There are several sites* that use these visual data summaries.

* A few sites that collect and share infographics include :

Daily Infographic

Infographics on Alltop.com

What’s your favorite source for infographics? Care to share your stack? Who knows, you might get featured also.

Ruminations on Infographics, Part 2 December 2, 2011

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In answer to my previous post on Infographics, here are a few I found related to this years’ holiday shopping. I hope you find them as informative as I did and provide insight for your online strategy.

Cyber Monday

As you know, Black Friday formally kicks off the holiday shopping season.  2011 Holiday shopping onlineCyber Monday  is the now online equivalent  and occurs the weekend after Black Friday.  Buying online has matured to the point where savvy buyers expect, and eagerly await, massive bargains online. To stay competitive, most online retailers gear up to provide web only deals at greatly reduced prices.

As the retailers continue to drive more online sales, Cyber Monday definitely has an effect on worker productivity. This graphic indicates that almost half of the online shopping on Cyber Monday occurs during work hours. If you do shop while in the office, a word of advice – don’t shop during a meeting!

Online sales have set records each year and 2010 sales topped $1B. The average transaction is also at an allt-time high ($195).

As with other online habits, shopping from mobile smart phones will continue. I like the use of the term ‘Mobile-Monday’. Real time comparison shopping is growing and will become the norm in the near future.

2011 Holiday Shopping Predictions

Predictions include that 60% of shoppers will shop online. That’s big money and as mentioned in the previous infographic, 2011 sales were above $1B.

Expect competition to continue among retailers for online market share. Timing may advance from Cyber Monday to occur earlier and earlier in the month. It may ramp up slowly with focused online specials and then culminate in Cyber Monday when all the deals are available.

This infographic indicates only 29% of  shoppers do so while at work – quite a difference from the previously noted 50%.  Last minute gifts ideas include gift cards and cards with $$$ in them.

As this is a prediction, the accuracy will vary. Expect another record set for online sales. When you shop online, remember your transactions are included as part of the data. As that data is collected and analyzed, it will confirm existing fundamentals and also indicate new behavior.The post-mortem on this holiday season will be interesting to see which predictions are true, which did not pan out and should include some surprises. And surprises are part of the holiday spirit.

I have shared these infographics (and, more) as SlideShares on my Linked In account. Along with 2011 Holiday Shopping, you can find topics that include CRM and Email campaigns, marketing automation tools, job search and social media.

I invite you to view them and post your comments. ‘Til then, Happy Shopping!