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MLB 2009 All Star Game July 12, 2009

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2009 MLB All Star Game

2009 MLB All Star Game

The summer season is in high gear with the 80th edition of  the MLB All Star game this week. The All Start Game (ASG) will be played in a great baseball town, St. Louis on Tuesday at Busch Stadium.

If you’re a baseball fan, you know that MLB is roughly half-way through the season and at this time, all the teams get a 4 day break. For many major leaguers, this is a great way to rest and recover from injuries before the second half of the season begins. For those voted to be on the All Start team, it is chance to play with the best and perhaps, shine, in the national spotlight. While I grew up playing the sport, I learned one of the most interesting things about baseball while watching the Ken Burns documentary a few years ago. Baseball is unique in that it  is the only game in which the defense has the ball. Amazing when you think about it. Every other game I can think of, the offense has the ball.

By rule, the roster for both the National League and American League teams must include at least one player from each team. This year, a record number of votes were cast by fans with more than 223 million recorded. Hope you got your vote in for your favorite player. This year, there are three Yankees on the AL roster (including the Yankee captain, Derek Jeter).

26 time World Champions

26 time World Champions

The Yankees are my favorite team so I know the players in the American League better than in the National League. What is also interesting is the players not on the roster this year. Some major notables include Man-Ram (aka, Manny Ramirez) and A-Rod (aka, Alex Rodriguez). Like’em or hate’em, you won’t see either play in the ASG this year.

I will watch the actual game itself and  I’m sure some of the Home Run Derby highlights will be unavoidable. During the sixth inning of the Midsummer Classic, fans can cast their votes online at MLB.com for the Ted Williams Most Valuable Player Award.

Baseball is a game with lots of statistics. As with all sports, performance is measured beyond wins and losses. On offense, they keep stats for batting average, stolen bases, hitting with runners in scoring position (RISP), hitting with 2 outs, hitting with bases loaded to name a few. On defense, they track errors, pitch count, earned run average, put outs, assists and turning double plays.

For the ASG, the league with the most wins is the most important.  Here is one of the many sites with a quick summary of ASG history. What is your favorite part of the ASG? Do you want bragging rights for the AL or NL? Is it important to you who gets home field advantage in the World Series?

I like watching great ball players and this game showcases a lot of talent players on the field. You have to watch carefully as there are many substitutions made to get most of the players a chance to play in the field and get an at-bat. It is a honor to get nominated to play and it’s good to see them take the game seriously. The same cannot be said for some of the other major sports All Star game (e.g. – football).

I hope it is a competitive game with good defense and offense on display. Save me a seat and a hot dog, OK?

Play Ball!