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Blog Milestone – 5 years and counting April 16, 2014

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So the other day, I saw a note from the fine folks at WordPress concerning my blog. The note reminded me that I have been blogging now for five (5) years. Woot! A good run and I have no plans to stop.

5 years bloggingWell, to be accurate, it said I registered 5 years ago. No mention of how active I have been on the blog. A quick check of my blog archive shows I have had at least one post every month since I started with one exception. That distinction belongs to December 2010. That is the only month I did not post. So that makes 59 out of 60 months with a post. My style has evolved and is different now than when I started. Hopefully, it is improved and continues to get better. Writers always say the best thing to do is keep writing.  I refer to this as Hemingway did as fighting the white bull. The archive shows there is a wide variety of blog topics – personal interests, professional concepts, business practices and social media changes. 

There a few posts I am most proud of. In no particular order, they include :

  1. Diversity and Potatoes
  2. Puzzle and Mystery
  3. Positive Change
  4. 2nd Day of Infamy
  5. Re-entry

The all-time traffic leader by far is my ramblings on diversity (#1 above). More about that in a future post. I am in a much different place personally and professionally from when I started. I plan to continue on this journey and post further ruminations going forward. I hope you enjoy my observations and invite your comments. Which post is your favorite?

Here’s to another five years!

Rambling on reaching 4 year blog milestone March 16, 2013

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Coming up this month is a personal milestone for my blog. The milestone is my blog birthday. It has been four years since my initial rambling. Or, what that a rumination? Either way, like most new bloggers, I posted frequently in the beginning. Now I have settled into a consistent rhythm and learned a lot about myself, blogging and visitor feedback.

Happy Birthday

As is typical with this type of milestone, I am a little reflective. I am grateful and very appreciative that WordPress provides this platform. Also, I must give a shout out to my regular followers. Thank You all for subscribing. Reading a few of the early posts, it all seems so simple now. I have enjoyed blogging about a lot of different topics. I will ruminate on those topics again and keep an eye for new topics to ramble about.

In terms of traffic, 2012 has been my best year. In fact, for a while last year, I was getting a boatload of traffic. Much more than ever before. That soon ended about mid-summer and my traffic metrics have returned to the mean, so to speak. From all the posts, I hope to have communicated some insights and learnings that resonate. You can browse the archive as it is listed in the lower right.

Topics of interest that I expect to ruminate further on  include big data and cloud computing. New topics will be found to ramble on about naturellement. I look forward to learning and posting about them in due course. Until then, I will celebrate the milestone.

Thanks for visiting and leave a comment or two.


Addendum – Quick update that after I wrote this post, WordPress sent ….



that makes it official. 😉

Blogging evolution – what’s next? October 29, 2010

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Blogging is so easy. Everyone has access to tools to communicate original ideas, topics that catch our interest as blog posts. So, now that blogging has been around a while, what’s next? Let’s assume that anyone who wants to, can, and has, a blog. Typically, blog posts include a topic of interest, maybe some points on pro and con, an image or two and some links. What is the next evolutionary step?
Seems like we skipped the milli-blogs step as Twitter changed the game and brought us micro-blogging. Your ‘post’ on any  topic contained in 140 characters. Brief text and maybe a link. Continuing the evolution and thread, as we iterate blog best practices, consider what nano-blogs may look like. I can see a temptation to skip the content and just share links. Maybe a terse headline with the link.

We have this already with sites like ping.fm that broadcast your ‘posts’ to multiple sites.  I like that ability to aggregate accounts, post to one site and move on. Other services to re-post such as ‘Add This‘ or ‘Share This‘ provide a quick way to share content. Other sites have the ribbon with various share icons at the bottom of the page. Going forward, does using any one of these count as a blog post?

The next blog evolution (pico-blog ?) could involve a trail of the sites I liked, gave a thumbs up or viewed for more than 3 minutes. The time duration can be argued of course and I will leave the privacy issues aside for now. Point is, how does it get easier to indicate what catches my attention that I want you to be aware of? Maybe, there’s an future app that will show what sites I am looking at currently. I hope such a tool includes controls to manage what I share and keep private.

What are you looking for to make blogging easier? What will drive blogging to evolve? Is there a list for requirements somewhere? OK, if not a list, how about a common view on new features?