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Ruminations on 5 Future Trends in Content Marketing May 9, 2013

Posted by Edwin Ritter in E-Commerce, Trends.
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Today, I came across this presentation on SlideShare that enumerates five trends in B2B marketing. The presentation is titled ‘The Future of Content Marketing: 5 Beyonds‘ and I hope the link works for you. There is a lot of great insight here along with humor and some foul language for those easily offended. I hope the message resonates with you and I’m glad to see someone talking about moving the state of the art for content marketing forward.

Here is a brief summary of the 5 Beyonds mentioned and my comments.

1) Beyond Guttenberg – we continue to use print as the reference for content marketing. Move on! We have smart phones, tablets – all this computing power at our fingertips to present static content. I think responsive web sites will accelerate this change to present more dynamic content.

2) Beyond Search – Let Google change the SEO algorithms. You need to build a community around the brand. SEO Moz is mentioned as a great example. Well deserved shout out and kudos to Rand and the team.

3) Beyond One Size fits All –  About time. Gets to the 1st beyond as well. Dynamic and personal content. B2C is already doing this and so is banner ads. Show that you know me and present content that is of interest to me. Not the masses. Having a personalized experience also provides motivation to come back.

4) Beyond Teaching – Don’t just explain it. Provide a way to use it.

5) Beyond Faceless Brands – Put your name on it. And your face. Establishing a relationship aligns with the community concept and builds credibility and authenticity.

The Future of Content Marketing: 5 Beyonds from Velocity Partners

When you flip through the deck, you will find that there are more than 5 beyonds. As a tease, there actually are 10 and I’m not going to list them here…use the link above. I will mention that I do like the implications of content islands and platform silos.

Thanks to Velocity Partners for sharing.

For those that take B2B marketing seriously (and, of course you should), this should stir some ideas of your own. What take-aways do you have? How does your B2B strategy align with these trends? Will it change your approach?

Social Media helps B2B September 21, 2009

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More and more companies are waking up to the potential gains in using Social Media to communicate with their B2B customers. It’s a natural progression when you think about it. By definition, you have an existing relationship with a captive audience. Businesses are now realizing they can expand on that relationship and gain competitive advantage. In a recent blogs post , Valeria Maltoni expands on ways to glean  insight on  how to leverage SM. Key opportunities in using SM with B2B clients include :

  • Communities of customers – get them talking about how you can solve challenges
  • Areas to move from conversation to conversion –  having a good relationship results from being responsive
  • improving a customers journey on every interaction – each one is an opportunity to make a impression.

I posted recently about SM results in using B2B. This is all part of the SM learning curve we are currently in. Very soon, B2B(SM)* will be a ‘Well, of course’ observation for all of us. By being engaged with customers and suppliers, we all are influencing what will become common business practices that naturally integrate SM in the near future.  I also envision embedding SM tools in private sites to further expand the experience. To keep ahead of competition, I expect companies will find ways to stay out front that customize SM content even further with promotions, contract anniversaries, service announcements for specific products and so on. Up front planning and being committed to consistently use SM are some of the key success factors. For those of you with more B2B expertise, what do you think? How would you use SM with your B2B clientele?

*B2B(SM) – you heard it hear first!

Social Media use in B2B – Case Study & Results August 31, 2009

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Found this from a post on a LinkedIn group I subscribe to. Interesting account on how Twitter and other SM tools were used for a  recent B2B initiative. Includes Lessons Learned that are worth reading. Here’s the link.

Take aways include :

  1. There is a learning curve – don’t underestimate
  2. Training for new skills -have them before you need them
  3. Not as bad as it seems – the worst did not happen
  4. Catch up to competition – SM provided increased visibility with others and crowded the landscape a little more
  5. Blurred lines – between internal groups on who does what.
  6. Manage from the middle – very interesting concept similar to having decision made by those closest to the work. Trust your staff has the right skills and experience. Don’t wordsmith – not a good use of your time!

It’s great that the lessons learned are added here. Will B2B have increased use of SM? How does that change current SM practices?