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Ritter Resume

As a seasoned team leader, I have experience working in IT, Marketing and Manufacturing organizations. I have worked in both large and small companies with matrix based resource teams residing both on-site and on/off-shore along with business resources, 3rd party vendors and external clients. I began my career  as a developer so I understand the challenges involved with application development.

My experience as a developer and system administrator also results in credible rapport with technical resources in IT. I also have managerial experience with a cross-functional team of direct reports. As a member of the organizational leadership team, I developed annual team goals, roadmaps and budgets, conducted annual performance appraisals and 1:1 monthly coaching.

As a project manager, I use process and standards to manage and move concepts into measurable online solutions. I enjoy working with diverse teams to develop and deliver interactive applications for use on the desktop, tablet or mobile platform. While it can have many titles*, the sweet spot for me is between technical development, marketing and business teams. I enjoy the interactions and  is where I want to be as a team leader.

Details about my skills and experience are available via my resume on SlideShare 

* Tech Lead, Account Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst


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