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Ruminations on Data Security January 24, 2016

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag.
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One of the least expected emails is one dealing with security. The subject may be “We’ve been hacked” or “Major Security Breach” or some other variation of data panic. Not good for you, your staff, anyone. Your initial reaction says a lot about how secure you feel your data is. How confident are with your security practices? The level of security can be achieved across multiple forms – network, data, application, password. Whichever area of security, the basics remain. Be vigilant. Follow best practices. Think Snowden or SONY Pictures.

security-breachSecurity is similar to insurance. A nuisance to maintain, update and adhere to at times. But, when a threat or intrusion occurs, you will be glad that you have it. There are different levels to use for individual and for business up to the enterprise level. For personal use, a password manager makes sense and provides some peace of mind that you have done something to ensure your information and data is safe.

Free versions are available : LastPass, Dashlane, KeePassX and StickyPassword. Some of these keep both mobile and desktop apps in sync and some are easier to use than others. Check the list and a quick Password Manager Options here.


Avoid that email about a breach by using the tools that are available. If you are using one of those mentioned above, what are the pros or cons? Or, if you are using something else, what is it and why are you using it? Comments invited on this or other posts.