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Ruminations on LinkedIn Milestone February 13, 2013

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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In the past week or so, I have seen people share updates about a milestone  that LinkedIn reached in terms of membership. The achievement was in recognition of reaching 200 million members. Definitely a significant achievement and kudos to them.
LinkedIn Member Milestone

Now that I think about it, I have had a LinkedIn (LI) account for quite some time. So today I see an email from LI that indicates I am in the top 5% of accounts viewed.  Out of 200 million. Top 5%, eh? Nice.  That’s a lot of views, no doubt about it. I was flattered a bit by the note and maybe even a bit smug for a half-second.

Other LI members shared the same status with varying amounts (top 1%, top 10%, etc.). Maybe you saw the same status update from people in your network. I have shared this as a LI status as well. Even tweeted about this milestone. The optimist in me says enjoy it. My network is proud of me. I’m sure of it.

The cynic in me would say what else beside an email? Free Premium membership for 90 days? Coupons? Bring it on – I’ll be watching for that email. Talk about personalization!

So, that happened. And, yes, I know – this message does more to promote LI than my membership. I get it. And you know what? It’s OK. I don’t mind. I am active on LI – always have been since like, 2006. I plan to keep my network updated and look forward to them sharing with me.

200 Million is a big number, no doubt about it. But, like health club memberships, there is a difference between the total number and those that are active. I bet that the number of active LI accounts is a lot less. Maybe that’s why mine is in the top 5.

Makes me wonder what the cut-off is for the email notice. Top 10%? 15%?

Did you get the same email? What was your 1st reaction? C’mon – a bit flattered, right? Then? Did you share that as a LI status update? What other types of promotion will LI use this year? I’ll be watching and probably sharing that also.


1. Arthur Catalanello - February 13, 2013

Congrats Ed – nice recognition indeed. I’ve yet to receive my notice. I’m having a dispute with LI right now that will make great blog fodder soon enough. Perhaps that’s what’s delaying my email? 😉

Edwin Ritter - February 14, 2013

Thanks, Arthur,
Blog fodder, brilliant! I expected you would have the same note. I’m sure it is the queue…

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