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Ramblings on Car Sales Infographic January 21, 2013

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Miscellaneous.
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Just a few quick ramblings of 2011 car sales via an  infographic. Somewhat dated, I know but some insights worth noting. As the world population shifts from the old world, the new world and into the 3rd world, we now start to see the effect of a new ‘cluster’ known as BRIC.

That is the short version for the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China. These ’emerging markets’ to many companies are an opportunity for growth in terms of sales, market share and of course, profitability. I’ve also seen references to the  growing middle class in both India and China. The economic impact of these world markets is already felt in banking, oil and manufacturing industries. Welcome to the global economy.

2011 Car Sales Statistics via Olathe Toyota Parts Center

If you are a global company, ignoring these markets can be a fatal mistake. As shown, GM is a big company. They are very aware of these markets as are the other well know auto manufacturers.

Any surprises with the  Top 5? I expect that most have an impression of who these manufacturers are in each region. So there is much press about China as a car market. Not so much with India but in 2011, it was in the top 10 in sales.

Does this changes your perception of BRIC? I will check for an update on 2012 sales. Updates may follow.