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Year End Ramblings for 2012 December 23, 2012

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Miscellaneous, Trends.
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Another year has come and gone. I hope you read this post in good health. I had a good year with much to be thankful for. Like so many others, I find myself at year end in a different position from when it began. A few of the ups and downs of my journey I have ruminated about in this blog. As a tease, I invite you to check the archive to read those posts.

My best 2012 blog post, in terms of traffic, was about puzzles and mysteries. An interesting topic from a thought provoking book. I tend to cover a lot of topics and I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative at the reaction from this post.

new-year-image1There are a plethora of sites that have compilations of the year in review. Here is a small and very random sample of  topics that are top of mind for 2012. Summer Olympics. Presidential Election. Space Jump. Mars Rover. Linsanity. Hurricane Sandy. Newtown. SuperBowl XLVI. Costa Concordia. Social Media. Cloud Computing. Big Data.

A segue on that big data topic. This year, there are many posts that cover how our online behavior is tracked more than ever. This creates lots of data for analysis. Some of it is even useful. We continue to get smarter about ways to separate the noise from the signal. More on that topic in a future post.

How was your journey this year? Did you achieve your goals? How are you smarter now?

We will shortly put 2012 away and welcome a new year. 2013 will bring a round of new resolutions and their related expectations.

I hope you have a very Happy and safe New Year.

“Dearest Tumblr User” Worm Spreading Spam on Tumblr, Seen It? Then Log Out Of Your Browser [UPDATED] December 3, 2012

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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Be careful out there as some Grinches are out to get you.