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5 YouTube Maxims to get, and stay, viral January 11, 2012

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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A short time ago, YouTube urged us to  ‘Broadcast Yourself’. They don’t have to tell us any more.  Consider that  3 Billion videos are viewed every day*. With all that content being uploaded and viewed, our video habits on YouTube provide interesting ways to get visbile. More importantly, it also defines how to stay visible. I recently read an article that indicates we are at a transitional time for broadcast media. Part of that change, some argue, is that YouTube has become  online-studio system.

The five (5) maxims are :

  1. Rule # 1 – Make a lot of content. A lot
  2. Rule #2 – Target a niche
  3. Rule #3 – Connect with your fans.
  4. Rule #4 – Collaborate
  5. Rule #5 – Optimize for the algorithms

An example – Since 2007, over 75M+ have watched the Chocolate Rain video by Tay Zonday. He now has his own money-making YouTube Channel.

The complete article is available here on Wired.com.

* A complete list of YouTube statistics is posted on their site.

Now you know how to get viral and stay visible.



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