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Ramblings on Print on Demand Books December 5, 2011

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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Being a published author has never been easier. I found a recent column in Wired that describes self-publishing and print on demand books. Wikipedia defines self-publishing when the author of a work publishes it without use of a third party publisher. Popular self-publishing sites include Lulu , Self-Publishing  and Instant Publisher.

In the near future, when we are all published authors, the phrase will morph from ‘Read any good books lately?‘ to ‘Published any good books lately?‘  Print on demand publishing will fill a niche in the long tail. These books will expand the range of topics published and the quality of writing will vary greatly. It was the best of times, it was a dark and stormy night all in the same volume.

Being able to print books on demand will drive publishing in new directions. Will there be a future best-seller that collects commentary via SMS text messages? A limited print quantity of poems solely containing acronyms? A collection of Tweets with a certain hashtag that captures a unique moment in time? Or, a self-published commentary to supplement online videos about dropping mentos into liters of coke? Self-published authors will routinely promote these as part of the future common multi-media experience.

Around the time the term ‘paper-less office’ was introduced during the rise of PC in the office, the movie Ghostbusters came out and one of the characters states that ‘print is dead‘. Both are wrong. In the case with print on demand or self-publishing, the truth is stranger than fiction.

When you publish your book, let me know and I will do the same.


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