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Ruminations on Infographics, Part 2 December 2, 2011

Posted by Edwin Ritter in E-Commerce.
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In answer to my previous post on Infographics, here are a few I found related to this years’ holiday shopping. I hope you find them as informative as I did and provide insight for your online strategy.

Cyber Monday

As you know, Black Friday formally kicks off the holiday shopping season.  2011 Holiday shopping onlineCyber Monday  is the now online equivalent  and occurs the weekend after Black Friday.  Buying online has matured to the point where savvy buyers expect, and eagerly await, massive bargains online. To stay competitive, most online retailers gear up to provide web only deals at greatly reduced prices.

As the retailers continue to drive more online sales, Cyber Monday definitely has an effect on worker productivity. This graphic indicates that almost half of the online shopping on Cyber Monday occurs during work hours. If you do shop while in the office, a word of advice – don’t shop during a meeting!

Online sales have set records each year and 2010 sales topped $1B. The average transaction is also at an allt-time high ($195).

As with other online habits, shopping from mobile smart phones will continue. I like the use of the term ‘Mobile-Monday’. Real time comparison shopping is growing and will become the norm in the near future.

2011 Holiday Shopping Predictions

Predictions include that 60% of shoppers will shop online. That’s big money and as mentioned in the previous infographic, 2011 sales were above $1B.

Expect competition to continue among retailers for online market share. Timing may advance from Cyber Monday to occur earlier and earlier in the month. It may ramp up slowly with focused online specials and then culminate in Cyber Monday when all the deals are available.

This infographic indicates only 29% of  shoppers do so while at work – quite a difference from the previously noted 50%.  Last minute gifts ideas include gift cards and cards with $$$ in them.

As this is a prediction, the accuracy will vary. Expect another record set for online sales. When you shop online, remember your transactions are included as part of the data. As that data is collected and analyzed, it will confirm existing fundamentals and also indicate new behavior.The post-mortem on this holiday season will be interesting to see which predictions are true, which did not pan out and should include some surprises. And surprises are part of the holiday spirit.

I have shared these infographics (and, more) as SlideShares on my Linked In account. Along with 2011 Holiday Shopping, you can find topics that include CRM and Email campaigns, marketing automation tools, job search and social media.

I invite you to view them and post your comments. ‘Til then, Happy Shopping!


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