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Ramblings on Cycles and Phases August 30, 2011

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Project Management, Trends.
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In a recent book review I read, the author proposed that the Big Bang might be cyclical. The premise is that given enough time, everything in the universe starts over again. Man, that is like, totally cosmic. That is a long cycle for sure. We have some time before the cycle is complete and begins again. Until then, the universe will keep expanding.

Having a repeatable cycle is also beneficial on a smaller scale. Like our daily routine. We humans are creatures of habit.  Typically, we do not like change. This is especially true in business – we like having a predictable and repeatable process. There is the challenge to keep it from boring rote execution. Management types appreciate working with knowns as opposed to unknowns. Having that consistent process cycle is a good thing.

When managing projects, I like having distinct phases (i.e. – discovery, planning, execution, etc.). Managing phases and cycles across multiple projects can be challenging yet also very rewarding. I enjoy the interesting challenge of having a cycle of multiple projects in different phases. Those situations keep you focused!

I think we are entering a business cycle where things will accelerate. Companies that are properly positioned with resources and good business processes can take advantage with increased sales, market share and ultimately, profit.

What phase is your company currently in? When the boom cycle starts again, will you be ready?


1. PM Hut - August 31, 2011

I like the way you compared the big bang to a project (well, it really is a project, after all). In any case, everything is a project!.

As for us not linking change, this is 100% true, but the thing is, every project brings in change, and those who do not adapt to change are always left behind…

I think my company is still in the booming cycle, and I hope that this cycle will last for a very long time.

Thanks for sharing!

Edwin Ritter - August 31, 2011

PM Hut,
Thanks for taking the time to share your comments. I’m glad your company is booming – hope it lasts a long time also. Have a great day!

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