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How do you behave under stress? April 7, 2011

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Behavior, Grab Bag, Trends.
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We live in  a less than perfect world and not everything goes as planned. Things can, and do, go wrong despite your best intentions. How you deal with those situations and your resulting behavior says a lot about you. Inner strength, coping, values – those things that allow you to steer a path forward.

So I find it wonderful to see how the Japanese react to the recent tsumai and the nuclear reactor leak. I want to focus on the positive here. How they help each other, are orderly and organized. No riots, no looting, many individuals willing to help others. I even heard that those who lost everything are now volunteers working in the radio active waste. Sacrifice for the greater good. Their behavior under very stressful conditions is a testament to their strength, values and will enable them to move forward. Japan will rebuild from this event. The Japanese will remember this event and continue forward.

While I sit here in comfort, surrounded by those near and dear to me, it makes me  appreciate all that I have. I am humbled by the positive I see in Japan.  We should all behave so well under stress.