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Ramblings on Post Re-entry January 30, 2011

Posted by Edwin Ritter in career, Trends.

Now that it is a bit more time has passed, I find my re-entry is complete. Many learnings, adjustments and several ‘ah-has’ of enlightenment. Establishing yourself in an organization can be arduous as co-workers take a ‘Show-Me’ attitude. While you certainly have to demonstrate your abilities, I submit they must be willing to listen to have a dialogue; be willing to engage in a crucial conversation. The good news is I have generated a ‘ah-has’ and I think my peers are beginning to recognize the value of my perspective.

I’m all for moving at the speed of business provided everyone is heard and understood. That is a related key aspect from those effective behaviors we learned so long ago. There are two dynamics here – policy and practice. In highly functional organizations, both are aligned and mutually supportive. In other organizations, practice may over whelm policy. The exception to the rule such that there are no rules anymore. Here a repeatable, established process helps. A fixed way of doing business everyone uses that provides a reference for conversation(s) at any given time. Otherwise, things are fluid, changeable and uncertain.

During those crucial conversations, which typically triumphs in your organization, policy or practice?



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