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Ruminations on re-entry November 20, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in career.
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When people return to the office from a long vacation, I typically remind them to ease back into the work routine. Don’t ‘burn up’ on re-entry; hold on to the glow from being out of the office for an extended period. Now, I get to follow my own advice. Ease into it. Ramp up to the rhythms of office life again.

It’s been a short time since re-entry for me and I have managed to maintain the glow. I think. Getting back to working in a cubicle requires a few mental adjustments. I have already seen that some of my recent habits will now cease or be modified. Among those I miss the most are having a 2nd cup of coffee with my wife each morning. (Hi, honey!)

Things about office life I did not miss include an empty coffee pot in the break room. Maybe I need to adjust my coffee times instead.

Things I look forward in my new role are understanding different business models, sharing my knowledge and creating new opportunities.

Finally, there are some things that remained constant like my wake up time and traffic jams. It’s good to have consistency.

As I ramp up with the office routine once again, the Thanksgiving holiday is upon us with Christmas and New Year’s right around the corner. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for this year. I completed one major journey and started another one. Along the way, and going forward, I fully appreciate my friends, network contacts and new work colleagues. They have influenced me in many direct, and, indirect ways which led me to this time and place. I look forward to working with my new team members and getting to know them better.

Once the re-entry is complete, it will be time to make plans for vacation to complete the cycle.  I hope your re-entry is similar to mine and you don’t burn up. Hold on to that glow, at least through the 1st day back.

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