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Changing my statistics November 9, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in career.
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Tomorrow marks a big change for me.  I can revise my status in an important category that will impact the labor statistics. The change involves moving from the status of  ‘job searcher‘  or ‘seeking (gainful) employment‘ or ‘unemployed‘ to ‘employed‘ or better yet, ‘gainfully employed‘. I like the last term best. Yes sir, tomorrow I am very happily making the transition to having employment that is gainful to me and mine.

I initially changed my statistics in March of 2009, when employer notified me that my services were no longer required. I was not completely surprised by this as the company had seen better days for some time. My second reaction, after I stopped laughing on hearing that I was to be ‘downsized’, was ‘Wait, what? Who will do what I do?’ Apparently, no one. In the 19 months since I left, there have been no discernible changes to what I managed in the online space. Must have been so good, it didn’t need any changes. 😉

As with so many others, I have had an interesting journey in job search. I achieved a little income via contracting work and grew new skills during this time that may lead to new opportunities in future. I networked a fair amount and met many people that have gone through what I experienced (or, worse).  This area where I live is very active in networking among peers and other professionals. The majority of contacts I made are supportive and vice versa. I look forward to staying in touch with many of them.

To put it mildly, among the many emotions I have, I am excited about my new job. To be part a growing company that is located in my local metro area is wonderful. Everyone has good things to say about my new employer. I’m certain I will have a positive impact with this company.  I have changed their statistics also and will be counted among their active full time employees. Who knows what new opportunities await?

We certainly live in interesting times and there are many stories to tell. My journey is my own but is very similar with so many other people. To those who have completed a similar journey,  I say well done and glad to be with you. To those still in job search, keep moving forward and contact me if I can be of assistance.



1. Sharon - November 14, 2010

Your patience and grace over these 19 months has won out! You will be great at your new job. With new challenges and your expertise, this will be a perfect match. Best wishes always!

2. Connie Cammarata - November 14, 2010

Congratulations !! I know it’s been a long and stressful ride that you and Maria have been on. I admired your positive attitude and you never giving up.
I wish you well in your new job. They are lucky to have you aboard.

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