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We’ve been tweeting longer than you think August 26, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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It occurred to me recently that the act of ‘tweeting’ actually has been around a long time. While Twitter is now mainstreamed as a common way to send short, bursty messages,  the act itself is really an old practice found in traditional media channels. Consider these examples :

  1. telegrams
  2. stock ticker
  3. newspaper headlines
  4. sports scores
  5. magazine articles
  6. billboard advertisements
  7. voice mail

In each of those forms, there is a focused  message to quickly grab interest and convey enough information to entice the reader to obtain more information. Except for voice mail of course – you get the idea.

    And this is not limited to just text, either. We also capture and share images via Flickr, picasso and such to communicate visually.

    Tweets, by another name, are also found in these digital platforms :

    1. FaceBook status updates and wall messages
    2. FriendFeedPlaxoFlickrLinkedIn
    3. cell phone text messages
    4. paid search keyword ads
    5. blog posts

    So, while we talk a lot about the tool whether it is Flickr, Twitter or whatever, we have used short form messaging in various forms for some time. Are we getting better at it? Are we more or less focused as a result?

    Imma keep it short and let you tell me.