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A look behind the tweet May 6, 2010

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.
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What’s in a tweet? Well, actually, there is a lot. There is the visible text of 140 characters, of course. But, you might be surprised to know that tweet text is only part of the information conveyed when using twitter. Behind each tweet, some of what is included is the tweet unique id, the author’s user id, his/her url, biography and the tweet creation date. Other tweet information includes time zone where the author resides, number of tweets, followers, favorites,  how long he/she has been tweeting, country and the application used to generate the tweet.

Partial Map of a tweet

tweet map screen shot

Most twitter users do not need to know this.  Analytic types and software developers can use this as a structure to monitor trends, verify applications, integrate with other social media platforms and so on.

A shout out to @raffi on twitter for documenting this. I found this via one of his tweets. You can view all the details via this PDF on google docs.

Another partial map of a tweet

screen shot of tweet behind the scenes

Did you realize all that was included in each tweet? Do you care? Let me know via a comment here, or send me a tweet! My id is @efr0702

Tweet on!


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