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Social Media What, How, Who? November 19, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Trends.

By now, there is no question Social Media (SM) is here to stay.  Everyday, it is further integrated into the digital mainstream. While many are active online, there are still many who are not. To get started with SM, the basics  are no different from deciding which movie to watch or what car to buy. You learned how to make those choices and you use that framework with social media as well.  There are many SM tools to choose from (!) to engage in the community. In no time, you will be twittering, writing on FaceBook and post on  digg or delicious.

Good news –  there are lots of ways to get started. The web has, like, lots of advice on getting started in blogs and other web site articles.  You may want to use offline sources also – magazines, newspapers and books even.

Start slow. Use the ‘crawl, walk, the run’ approach. You can also check my previous post on why to use twitter .

Think of it this way – you watch TV and see lots of car commercials from many car companies, but you don’t/can’t buy every type of car.  Pick another topic, same scenario. You simply cannot do everything, be everywhere, see everything online. The digital web data stream is huge and keeps growing.  To navigate and be active in SM, learn how to filter and make choices based on your interests and other criteria.

Keep it simple.
It’s like making an entrance at a party. You don’t always know who’s there and where they might be. You look around, search for someone familiar and talk to them. As you interact within the SM community, you will make choices and begin to filter out things that are not of interest to you and find the topics that are.   Same thing here – use what you know initially and you will learn how to navigate the SM landscape – it’s easier than you think.

Next time you hear someone say ‘I don’t know how to get started’, tell them to start with what they know and expand from there. They will  learn what is good, bad;  like, dislike and so on. It’s all part of the journey.

Be safe out there, enjoy the ride and see you on the web! BTW, how did you get started?


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