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Life is good July 31, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in career, Grab Bag.
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I had a brief conversatonwith my Dad recently where  he made a comment that caused me to reflect on my current situation. He asked the usual conversational pleasantries of course – how I was doing, the family etc.. As he listened to my response, he replied with “You know, you have a good life. Nice place to live, good family, good health – you have a log things going for you.” I realize his intent to be positive and not take anything for granted. What he said next is what really got my attention. He said  “Life is hard.  But, it is harder when you are stupid. And, you’re not stupid.” 

I laughed at that. He is, after all,  supporting me  in his own way. Even thoug he did not say it directly, I know what he means. “Keep things in perspective.”  “Things could be a lot worse.” ” There are others who are worse-off than you are.” “You’ll be fine.”

 All true and, a timely reminder to appreciate what we have while we have it. In short, life is good. It’s not easy, but, it is good.

Growing up, my Dad always also stressed looking at things from another viewpoint. Being not stupid, I typically do this and it has helped me gain insight I otherwise would not have had. 

Another quote he would say to me was “Don’t lose your temper, no one else wants it!” As a little kid, this confused me.  In time, I realized what he really was meant nobody wants to have to deal with my temper. Despite what he said, I tried too many times I can remember to lose my temper.   I still have it, of course. I  guess my Dad’s right – nobody’s wants it.

Thanks, Dad for the reminder. Yeah, life is good. I enoy good health, have love in my life and I know many great people. You included and that makes it good.

Have a good weekend.



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