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‘Feeding’ the White Bull May 14, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag.

I read the story that Hemingway wrote about fighting the white bull. Maybe you have also. It is the allegory of how a writer deals with an empty page.  The central theme of the story describes the struggle a writer has in having to deal with a clean sheet of paper.  At least how I remember it.

A bit pessimistic I think. Even the use of the bull as an adversary underscores the challenge a blank page presents. An optimist would say there are endless possibilities in dealing with an empty page.

The group Traffic also had a song about empty pages. That was much easier to find. 😉

In the virtual online world, that struggle to publish is similar in concept. But, instead of fighting the white bull, you feed it. As soon as you post something online, it is old. You must  keep updating. We find ourselves in a “What have you posted lately?” immediacy Information age.

There are, of course, many ways to feed the white bull. The best way to feed is by posting content. Social Media provides many different tools for ‘feeding’ the beast. It is easier then ever to feed that white bull.  True, but  I’m the first to admit, I have not posted in this space in some time. It is easy but there have been other distractions. Mind you, I  have posted content in other places but not here.

I can’t seem to find the title of the specific short story on fighting the white bull. I did learn that I have the Finca Vigia edition of his complete short stories. Forgot I had that on the shelf – a happy surprise. It is also a book I started a long time ago and one I never finished reading. If you know the title, let me know.

Good luck feeding your white bull.

“Hemingway knew that staring down that white bull – while wielding nothing more than a fountain pen – is truly one of the most intimidating of all intellectual pursuits.” – Unknown


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2. kundalini - July 16, 2014

I have read so many articles or reviews about the blogger lovers
however this paragraph is truly a good post, keep it up.

Edwin Ritter - July 17, 2014

Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback.

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