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Thoughts from your Leader April 27, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Miscellaneous.

Recently I came across a statement related to Social Media and how we use it. The author essentially said that via the web, everyone can be a Thought Leader.

Imagine that. Everyone. You. Me. Family. Friends. Acquaintances. People you kind of like. People you don’t like. People you don’t know. Everybody. All Thought Leaders. Pretty heady stuff actually. A beautiful thing. Are you ready to take on that role? Are you up to the challenge and responsibility?

We live in an age where each and every who can be heard. This wonderful ability for every voice from Whoville to share thoughts, reactions and opinions on any subject is unprecedented. A question that comes to mind is – If everyone is leading, who is being led?

OK, rhetorical question. Let’s agree that we can do both. We are capable to lead on some topics and be led on others.

As everyone is a leader, we all have the power to accept or challenge each others’ thoughts. How we reach consensus to a common perspective is changing right in front of us. Some changes we notice – use of the Social Media tools like Twitter, Facebook and so on are clear examples. We all have looked at tweets, FB notes and have learned new things, provided insight others may not have seen. Ultimately, our views can and will be influenced by what others post.

Another question- is everyone ready to lead? Not so rhetorical. In fact, I think (intentional pun notwithstanding) that having the ability to communicate broadly does not equate to being a leader. Certainly everyone has opinions and ideas. These days, you don’t even have to ask someone what they think. As thought leaders, we provide our comments and observations for others to peruse. Our thoughts are voluntarily shared online for you to find and be led. If you want to. Or, not.

All this sharing helps sort out what we think. It helps me at least. Not that I am easily influenced as a rule. View it as another source that shapes your  take.  I certainly believe having exposure to thoughts of the many, as opposed to the few, is a good thing. We want to be heard and make a difference. That’s why we share. That said, there is a difference being leading and sharing. I hope that does not change.

The change effect on our behavior in the real world is in process.  Who you look to as an authoritative voice now includes your contacts and peers in the virtual world.  It’s happening right in front of us and how much of an influence they have on your thoughts is up to you.

Those are my thoughts. Now, I am your leader. At least, that’s what I think.


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