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Electric Kool Aid – That’s really trippy, man April 21, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Miscellaneous.

The boomers are getting older and they (we?) will reminisce more and more about the past. Saw this in the latest Rolling Stone – a new film about ‘Electric Kool Aid Acid Test’. Will this be a trend? Will there be a sequel that Hollywood will latch onto?

I hope the movie is far out in any event and the music is decent. The music can help bring you back to a time and place. Of course, smell is the strongest sense to bring back  a time & place, if you know what I mean.  And, no, I’m notcondoning anything, man; just laying it out there.

After all, if you remember the 60’s, you weren’t really there right? Hope the film captures the essence of the movement so I can relive that early part of my life.

Disclaimer – I was in Jr. High in the late 60s. Just missed all the hoopla. Heard stories about what happened in High School from my brother of course. But, for those of us in 7th grade, nothing really radical went down.

What was your best memory from the days?  A be-in? Protest March? Burn your draft card? Stick it to the Man somehow?

Funny how all the sayings which had such power then and implied a sense of the unrest, the change that was occurring between the generations. A sea change for those in power having to listen to those about to be in power. Starting in the mid-60s and accelerating through the 70s, there was lots of change. At times, you didn’t know what was certain. There was that much potential for the new, anything could happen and you would say “OK”.

Fast forward to today and some things are different. Yet, sadly, some things remain. You know the failings of the social changes  attempted – inequality, discrimination, women’s rights. Still there today, still work to do on all those areas. The boomers were gong to change the world. Well, we did. But not always in the utopian ways the Acid Test gang proposed.

Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss. So true. Maybe we sold out and learned to accepted the status quo as the stakes got higher. More risk, more to lose. I’ll leave the full analysis to others. Me, I think we did make things  better but there could have been so much more.

And so, on this Earth Day eve, maybe it’s time to re-charge. How can we sleep while our bed is burning? We have time but not as much as we used to. Remember the bumper sticker “Be kind to Mother Earth – she’s the only Mother you’ve got.” 

At least, that what I remember it said. Be cool, man.


1. Beth Gallagher - April 23, 2009

Very insightful blogs, Ed…I’m impressed. Good luck…you have a good attitude & a great personality. It won’t be long until you start a new and better career, I’m certain!

Edwin Ritter - April 23, 2009

Thanks Beth,
Another side of me revealed. You get the distinction of being the 1st to post a comment. All yours; 4 evah and no one can claim OTW. 😉


Beth Gallagher - April 27, 2009

I’m so not “cool” OTW?

Edwin Ritter - April 28, 2009

It is easily explained as a 3 letter acronym (which is also known as a TLA). So, there are a slew of TLAs for text messaging but this one precedes that phenomenon.

OTW has the same origins as FYI and was started in the bad old days of the early Internet. Back then, the Internet (was not a web yet) used a character interface only. The TLA for that is CUI – Character User Interface; as opposed to the now common GUI – Graphical User Interface. But, I digress.

The short answer is “OTW” stands for Otherwise. QED (Quite Easily Done) really.

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