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New ways we stay connected April 3, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag.

Media communications is going through major changes as everyone knows. While content is king and always was, it is the mechanisms that are rapidly changing. A major growth area  for the digerati is the Social Media tools.  I know – obvious. But while those who are connected see it and use it more nad more, there are those who use the same old, same old to stay current, be caught up on news & events.

Nothing like a real example to illustrate the point. Today, there is a hostage situation in Binghamton, NY, a medium sized town in upstate NY where I went to college. A tragic situation where many lives are changed forever. I don’t know any details, need to catch up on that myself.

The Twitterverse is a buzz with posts and comments, observations about the situation.  The power of free speech in full view – editorials, notes about coverage,  positive thoughts and prayers and lots of other topics included. This change in consuming is my point here. How this story evolves – initial details, background, updates from those on site – how it impacts them directly. Fascinating history unfolding in front of us.  I have a tweet about it and a link on delicious – see the links via the widget. Also, check the twitscoop chart for this topic and

The behavior change is the tweets introducing a topic. From there, you refer to other media sources including web sites to find out more based on interest. Traditional media will provide analyis and reporting of course. We have seen several recent instances of tweets breaking news stories – plane crash in the Hudson and another in Amsterdam. I think we will come to expect Twitter to routinely inform us of major events as they occur. The speed to communicate is so powerful – we are collecting the data points to illustrate this and learn collectively how this new way helps us stay connected.



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