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Chapter close and new beginning April 1, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in career.
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Some random thoughts as I go through a new phase.

While it is April Fool’s today,  my mood is more on the somber side. I like the  humor, surprise and reaction involved with practical jokes.  But, today I have a different topic to focus on.

I bid Adieu to many colleagues at work today. All were  sad, a few even cried. I didn’t realize I had that kind of impact on people outside my family. But then, we are always our own harshest critics.  I am definitely respected as a good, honest person and I will definitely be missed at my last job. Both by those who explicitly said so and also by those who silently acknowledge my efforts and contributions. For those I talked to directly, I passed out business cards so I can stay in contact (or, they with me) as our paths diverge from this point forward.

So that chapter closes. On to a new start – wide open with possibilities. Again having to answer the proverbial “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My answer is ‘It Depends’.

For the blue sky vista option, I could do anything – start a consulting business, partner with another entrepreneur.  I could teach – transfer my knowledge and skills to others.  Both involve ‘getting out’ more and that would be a good thing. Brain surgery, base jumping or skydiving instructor is not on part of the vista.

By getting out, I mean interacting more so than in the past.  I’m socially capable and acceptable. It’s just that most of my recent work is cyclical – meet to collect/exchange ideas, use think/soak time to define proposals and then reconvene. Then repeat as needed until fini. That’s OK – with some small scale travel (e.g. – local) for variation.

Other options  are still in process. Staying positive and moving forward in this new phase. The default includes – do things of interest that make a difference and pay well. I’ve heard the saw about Project Management – optimize on any two from good, fast and cheap. Can’t do all three.  I think I can optimize on these 3 – interest, difference and compensation. It is a new possible beginning.     How this begins is in my control and that is exciting – looking forward to meeting those who will begin this chapter with me.


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