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The only constant is change March 31, 2009

Posted by Edwin Ritter in Grab Bag, Trends.

I first heard that cliche early in my career when I was writing software. You probably are familiar with the phrase.  From an engineering view,  it did not make sense to me initially.  After thinking about it for a bit, the play on words became clear to me. Sometimes, I need more time to process.  Software uses both variables and constants to perform actions. The trick is to use the constants to manage the variables. Perhaps, that is true in life also.

The point is that we always face change in both our personal and professional lives. While it always occurs, we humans are not always ready to accept it. Funny that. We like routine, but, not to the point of boredom. We also like when things are shaken up – the new, the unexpected, the unplanned.

So with the change of seasons, I find myself managing change also. My career, like so many others right now,  is in transition. It is an exciting time as I assess where to go next.  I will manage what is in my control as best I can and I hope that which is outside my control will treat me well.

As change is constant, we move forward and embrace the new. I think people have different levels of change; each of us has a limit of how much change we can manage at one time. The basic fabric of our lives is in change – economy, major companies failing, bailouts on an unprecedented scale,global warming, aging, <insert your topic here> and so on.  I think we will adjust and understand how all the macro level changes will impact us.

We will learn how to manage these changes; we have to. It is a constant. And consistency is something we know how to work with.



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